Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

how to 1 hit Ninja Saga using Cheat Engine

okay, i don't know what to do so i decide to make this tutorial and share it on this blog..
well, talk less do more shall we?

here is the tutorial video link if you want to open it on youtube

or if you don't have time to open youtube, you can watch it from below

if you need the CE software you can download it HERE

if you can't type the array of bytes manually, you can copy paste it from the text i type below

  • array of bytes to search
    • 62 04 D3 24 64 A3 A2
  • change the address with this
    • 62 04 D3 24 64 A0 A2
#PS: this cheat works on every mode except the live PVP mode :)
have any trouble with my tutorial? feel free to ask me for assistance at MY FACEBOOK

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